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We hold events regularly at the Ungrapeful Winery in Blairsville PA.

June 10th

"Paint Your Pet"

Ungrapeful Winery ... Blairsville, PA



Jan 12th


Ungrapeful Winery ... Blairsville, PA



Nov 3rd

"Winter Pumpkin"

Ungrapeful Winery ... Blairsville, PA



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How Events Work

We run events every weekend and all general admission is $35, with the exception of "Paint your pet" events. These require extra time, planning, and sketching. The cost of these events is $45. Discounts for large groups available, see event ticketing for details. Click on the event to find one near you and reserve your tickets today! If you don't see an event in your area, head to Venues to see if a Paint 'N Sip event can be hosted in your neighborhood. -- Or host your own!


Most evening weekend events take anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on the selected painting. Guests are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the event. Weekday or family friendly events vary in time, but guests are still encouraged to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the event. This allows us to help seat our guests with their friends and/or family.


Event Types

In our basic events you can choose from our pre-made paintings, updated monthly, or have one custom designed. Usually these are following a kind of theme that our artist can work with and must be requested 3-4 weeks in advance of the event. These paintings must be doable within 2 hours, and if the painting requested is too extravagant or inappropriate, we are entitled to decline the request. This will require frequent contact via phone or email to get the painting that works best for you!
Hosting an event in the comfort of your own home can be so much fun!! Private parties can be anything from birthday parties, holiday parties, bachelorette parties, showers, corporate parties, to team builders, and much more – you name it! For more details jump down to our private parties tab.
This is a crowd favorite, however a tad more costly! Our artists will custom sketch a portrait photo of your pet for you to paint and bring to life using artistic techniques taught to you! Payments and photos of your pets must be submitted 3-4 weeks before the actual event. 1 Pet per person, per event.
While we emphasize on finding venues and private parties for our main events, we also love to do fund-raising events. In order to be eligible, your organization must have a 501 ( c ) 3 status. Email us today if you are interested in a fund-raising event, this way we can discuss your specific needs. We would love to be able to help. Please note** Fundraising events do not qualify for any discounts as our Artists already take less to help you earn more. You can, however, charge more to earn more. Minimum of 20 people. Contact us for details!
Private lessons are also another option among individuals who want to really hone their artistic technique. Our artists are well versed in the fine arts as more than just a craft. Contact us via phone or email for more information regarding this.


Commissons come directly from our professional artists. If you're looking for a one of a kind gift, or just something for yourself, commissons are available! Family portraits, pets, custom art for the home or office, the possiblites are endless. Jump down to our TEAM tab to look at our Artists' personal portfolios, contact us via phone or email for more information and pricing.

By purchasing tickets to any Paint 'N Sip event you agree to our "liability release" waiver found here.




We design our own paintings. You can rest assured that if you paint with Paint 'N Sip your aren't getting the same ol' same. Some competitors "lease" designs from a chain supplier - resulting in unoriginal, reused paintings. We love the creative process & are always designing new stuff! Click on thumbnails to view enlarged images.

All paintings, including custom designs, are created and copyrighted by Paint 'N Sip.

American Sky ©

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Night Fishing

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Paint Your Pet

Our artists will sketch out an image of your pet onto your canvas before the event. Participants can then bring the image to life with whatever colors or backgrounds they want!

Christmas Caboose

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Heart Tree

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Hawaiian Hibiscus

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Lucky Clovers

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Cherry Blossom

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A Quaint Winter

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Cozy Cardinals

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Oh Christmas Tree

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Wine Lovers

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Witch's Feet

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Fall's Furry Friends

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Sunset Shore

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Light House Sunset

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Fall Sky

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Martini Splash

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Photo Albums

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Event: Softball Fundraiser

January 14th 2016 | Dixonville PA Moose

Event: SNIPP Fundraiser

October 8th 2015 | Dixonville PA Moose

Event: Paint Your Pet

November 19th 2015 | Dixonville PA Moose

Event: Witch's Feet

October 20th 2015 | Marion Center

Ungrapeful Winery

Blairsville, PA


Philadelphia St Bars - Indiana PA

Great way to spend an evening with friends and family! Loved it!


Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.

Ashlee Long

Artist Instructor | Founder | Marketing

Ashlee Long is an Ohio native Artist who earned her Bachelor's of Science from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2010. Working primarily in Computer graphics and Design, Ashlee has a background in fine art, and a passion for people. Her work can be found

here, make sure to find her events and reserve your spot!

Hannah Cramer

Artist Instructor | Co-Founder

Hannah is a local Artist from Penn Run Pennsylvania. She earned her Bachelor's of Art in early 2015 from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She has an extensive track record of exhibitions and galleries throughout Western Pennsylvania. Find more of her work here, and be sure to book a class with her today!

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Friday - Sunday: 9am - 11pm
Refund Policy: Any refunds are only a result of cancellation. Cancellations must be given within 24 hours of the start of an event. Refunds will NOT be issued for "no-shows". No cash will be given at the door. All refunds will return to the original card used at the time of purchase.